What about getting PAID for re-gifting that leftover Halloween candy?


After HEALTHY HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN looked yesterday at ways to give away less-favored treats, today you can read on to learn of the possibility for your little ones actually to make money as they rid the household of “too much of the good stuff.”



39466815-vector-illustration-of-a-six-doctors-in-uniformRecently health care professionals in many communities have begun innovative buy-back initiatives to purchase excess candy treats with cash or gift certificates. To take advantage of such opportunities, children can assemble their surplus candy soon after Halloween and bring that treasure trove to a designated collection site, which is often an office location of the healthcare provider right there in the neighborhood. Be sure to check in advance, though, to determine valid dates for the program and the hours designated for candy cash-in as well as any special restrictions regulating packaging of the items. Upon surrender, you can expect the candy to be weighed by the authorized office staff person, purchased right there and then promptly bundled up and moved out of temptation’s way.


Consider a program such as Operation Gratitude, which was started by Wisconsin dentist, Dr. Chris17299825-colorful-illustration-with-tooth-and-toothpaste-for-your-design Kammer, to purchase unwanted candy (usually for about $1 per pound) and then ship it to U. S. military troops overseas. As part of this program, service personnel also receive toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash from Dr. Kammer along with each handful of candy so that they all can brush thoroughly afterwards. “You can’t get a cavity in a short time with only a handful of exposures to sweet treats,” Dr. Kammer says.

To locate nearby professionals participating in similar programs within your own community, you can visit the Halloween Candy Buyback website,


And if you might be interested in expanding your impact on an international scope, please be sure to come back to HEALTHY HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN tomorrow to look at a philanthropic program that can enable you bypass the candy consumption danger entirely and at the same time contribute to the welfare of needy children across the globe.