Why Sufferers of Vertigo Are Turning to TCM

Living with Vertigo

Vertigo can be nasty to live with. It’s an affliction that creates the illusion of movement in its sufferers. The official name is “Meniere’s disease,” and “vertigo” is more of an umbrella term. It’s used to describe many of Meniere’s standalone symptoms.

That means people with Meniere’s are prone to dizziness and disorientation. They succumb to a feeling that the world around them isn’t stationary. It’s often the result of poor inner-ear balance, though there are other causes.

Vertigo and its dizzying effects are often accompanied by side effects. The most pressing of those symptoms are nausea, sweating, shaking, and uncontrollable eye movement. It’s quite uncomfortable! If you’ve ever heard the phrase “the room is spinning,” you’ve got it. It’s a good idea of how someone with Meniere’s feels when symptoms kick in.

Living with vertigo presents its own unique set of challenges for those living with it. Becoming disoriented and unbalanced at the drop of a hat is a hindrance to everyday life. Those with Meniere’s have another hurdle to climb over. Should you seek a vertigo treatment, prepare to deal with some red tape.

The Modern Age of Medicine

We’ve seen pharmaceutical titans like Martin Shkreli shock the world with price hikes. By boosting the price of his life-saving drugs, he’s made treatment unavailable to some. Last month, the price of an EpiPen (which helps people avoid anaphylactic shock) exploded.

Anyone who’s received treatment in the United States doesn’t need these examples. They know profit plays a huge role in the pricing and availability of treatments in this country.

Our ever-burgeoning healthcare industry is as difficult to maneuver as ever. Patients often become disenfranchised and feel they are without options. The dental, cosmetic, and rehabilitative surgery industries in particular are prime examples. They’re loNatural Vertigo Supplementssing a huge percentage of their American patients every year. Nations like Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico have world-class healthcare infrastructure. On top of that, the cost of care is more favorable than it is in the United States. Even considering the cost of travel. It’s often quicker, too.

The privatization of our healthcare sector means you’re in the dark about a few things. You don’t know if the prescription your doctor gave you is what you need. It may just be what they need to handle a boat payment. On another front the side effects of modern day pharmaceuticals can be worse than what they treat.

It’s too expensive or difficult to receive care for many things in the United States. There are too many hoops to jump through. That means people are flocking to alternative methods of care.

Natural Vertigo Supplements

In particular, sufferers of vertigo and Meniere’s are becoming enamored with products based on Chinese Medicine. Not new and expensive “trendy” pills with unknown ingredients, mind you. Think time-tested remedies used long before American healthcare was ever thought of.

The causes of vertigo have been generally known for thousands of years. Treatments have been too. That means you’re not confined to ultra-modern pharmaceuticals. As mentioned, they may or may not make you sicker and bankrupt you. You’re also not required to sit through appointment after appointment. There’s no more sales meeting-esque checkups. That’s what we mean by “red tape.”

Traditional Chinese medications have been popular since the earliest days of trade. Healthcare in China is 20 times older than our entire country, perhaps more. If it ails you, there’s a good chance the Chinese have a good hold on how to treat it.

Traditional Medicine

Sufferers of Meniere’s are lucky in that the Chinese have a smattering of remedies. Modern natural vertigo supplements come in easy to take forms, like capsules. These remedies are meant to treat symptoms of vertigo and relax the affliction. Sufferers report great success with these traditional medications. This is due in no small part to their efficacy and their ease of acquisition. You can order many of them online and have them shipped straight to your door.

If you have inner ear problems or are looking at vertigo supplements, you should know one major thing. These treatments have earned a lot of favor among your fellow Meniere’s patients. As an avenue for treatment, we recommend them for the innumerable benefits they offer. Consider these benefits. Saving on costs, to begin with. You’ll also know what you’re taking, which is huge. You’ll know others have had success with the same products all over the world. And not least of all, you won’t have to sit through umpteen doctor’s appointments to get treatment.

These days, you can’t beat that.

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Why Sufferers of Vertigo Are Turning to TCM
Vertigo can be difficult to deal with. With many options that just don't seem to work, many sufferers of vertigo are turning to TCM for help.
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